Traveller’s diary: Batumi

· Euronews · Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is Georgia’s party capital, and the main reason people come here from across the region is its spirit of freedom and fun. Georgian laws are more open-minded when it comes to drinking and casinos than those in neighbouring Turkey,

Traveler’s diary: Kakheti

· Euronews · Kakheti, Georgia

“Every village man must have a vineyard. First come your vines, then your family”,- says Davit, who lives with his extended family in a stone cottage in Sighnaghi, a walled craftsmen’s town in Georgia’s eastern region of Kakheti. Beautifully restored

Павшие во Второй мировой войне

“Павшие во Второй мировой войне” – интерактивный документальный фильм о цене, заплаченной за эту войну жизнями людей, и о снижении числа жертв в конфликтах после Второй мировой. Пятнадцатиминутная визуализация данных в формате кинематографического повествования с новым драматизмом открывает зрителям этот

Traveler’s diary: Tbilisi

· Euronews · Tbilisi, Georgia

It’s generally acknowledged that in Tbilisi old meets new, and the East meets the West. However, once you come to visit, you’ll probably find out that there’s much more “new” around than you might have imagined, and you can have

Стендапы и работа над сюжетом: 11 секретов западного ТВ

· Euronews · Lyon, France

Фрагмент из учебного фильма Euronews

Traveller’s diary: The Trans-Siberian railway

· Euronews

“Unless you made all the way in the third class, and unless you visited every major city along the road, you haven’t really seen the Trans-Siberian”,- says Jeremy, a young aspiring writer from Australia. We’re talking, watched by other passengers

Traveller’s diary: the Astrakhan region

· Euronews

As Steven Write famously said, “There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.” We went to Astrakhan, Russia’s fishing capital, to try to find out what makes scores of men (and occasionally women)

Traveller’s diary: Krasnodar Krai

· Euronews · Krasnodar Krai, Russia

Krasnodar Krai is famous for its outdoors routes: hikers and bikers enjoy the diversity of its picturesque landscapes, with snow-covered mountains and wide valleys, canyons and caves, mineral springs and waterfalls. We came there to meet a team of local

Traveller’s diary: Saint Petersburg

· Euronews · Saint Petersburg, Russia

Having visited other Russian cities, the first thing you notice in the northern capital is how surprisingly well-preserved is its historic architecture. Fusing Baroque, Neoclassical and traditional Russian-Byzantine influences, the city center, as well as some of the magnificent parks

Our eye in the Russian sky!

· Euronews · Saint Petersburg, Russia

In this exclusive web bonus video, we take a peek behind the scenes of Russian Life series: Euronews’ Denis Loctier pilots a radio controlled drone to take aerial shots of Saint Petersburg. Watch the story we’ve filmed: