Information for all

· Euronews · Moscow, Bryansk, Smolensk, St. Petersburg (Russia)

Racial intolerance. Social exclusion. Legal injustice. Numerous problems challenge the development of civil society in Russia. A project to provide public with free access to legal information gives some a hope for change. This week – in Europeans. In St.

Ukraine: from Chernobyl to Odessa-Brody

· Euronews · Chernobyl, Kiev, Odessa (Ukraine)

The way to Chernobyl looks unhealthy, and it is: the area is still radioactively poisonous 17 years after the catastrophic explosion at the nuclear power plant. Yet even the shutdown in 2000 of Chernobyl’s undamaged reactors did not guarantee its

St. Petersburg: 300th anniversary

· Euronews · St. Petersburg (Russia)

В преддверии своего 300-летнего юбилея северная столица принимает саммит Россия-ЕС. Краткий экскурс в историю и современность российского “окна в Европу”.