New drone technology wins Innovation Radar Prize 2017

· Euronews · Seville, Spain; Budapest, Hungary

A new drone is making a buzz across Europe: its technology means that risky industrial inspections can become safer and more cost-effective. What makes this particular drone the first of its kind is its sensitive telescopic arm. Designed by the

Heirs of the Great Steppe

· Euronews · Astana, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is celebrating its ancient roots with around 100 events across the country marking the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh khanate. Founded by Genghis Khan’s descendants in the 15th century, the Khanate was the first separate state of the Kazakhs

BAM: a Soviet dream back on track

· Euronews · Neryungri, Berkakit, Tynda, Russia

It was billed as ‘the project of the century’ in Soviet Russia. The Baikal-Amur mainline made history 40 years ago when an army of young communists built this railroad through the east Siberian permafrost. It was meant to be paid

Buryatia: Living heritage

· Euronews · Republic of Buryatia, Russia

One of Russia’s most interesting republics is in South-Eastern Siberia on the Mongolian border – Buryatia: a rich variety of cultures and traditions are intertwined in its history. In the past, every Buryat household had camels. They disappeared from homes

A nuke-free world

· Euronews · Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site, Astana (Kazakhstan)

Forty years of Soviet nuclear testing turned a large area in Kazakhstan into a radioactive wasteland. Today it is at the heart of a nuclear weapon-free zone encompassing the whole of Central Asia, a model for a safer future for

Fire in the heart

· Euronews · Baku (Azerbaijan)

Dancing in the streets, resolving quarrels and paying tributes: Novruz, the spring festival of Persian origin, has been celebrated for over three millennia. Inaugurating a week-long public holiday, Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan turns into a center of festivities with

Kazakhstan’s nuclear legacy

· Euronews · Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan)

At the elderly care home in Semipalatinsk, we met 85 year old Praskovya. Semipalatinsk, or Semey, is a city 150 kilometers from the main Soviet nuclear weapons test site. Praskovya is a former warehouse manager who used to work in

Kazakhstan’s economic challenges

· Euronews · Astana, Almaty (Kazakhstan)

As Kazakhstan – Central Asia’s largest economy – takes over the chairmanship of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, it is seeking to strengthen the region’s economic security. The world’s largest land-locked country favours the building of highways

Kazakhstan, new OSCE chairman

· Euronews · Astana, Almaty (Kazakhstan)

So you think you have snow problems? Kazakhstan has them in spades, every year, but this young republic is used to clearing obstacles, and has now become the first ex-Soviet state to lead the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in

Creation of peace

· Euronews · Kazan (Russia)

Kazan is the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, located about 800 kms east of Moscow. In Kazan although the majority of the population are Muslim, 40% are Orthodox but exceptionally for this part of the world the two