Batumi: The party capital

· Euronews · Batumi, Georgia

A jewel on the Black Sea, the Georgian resort of Batumi is also known as the party capital of the region. The main city of Adjara, an autonomous republic in southwest Georgia, Batumi is the place young people come looking

Cradle of wine

· Euronews · Kakheti, Georgia

Kakheti is Georgia’s main wine-producing region in the country’s east. Wine grapes have been cultivated in these lands for 8,000 years, which, archaeologists say, makes Kakheti the cradle of wine. A total of 104 endemic varieties of grapes grow at

Tbilisi, a city of warm welcome

· Euronews · Tbilisi, Georgia

In the first of our series exploring the sights and delights of Georgia, Georgian Life, we begin our journey in the country’s largest city and its capital Tbilisi. The stunning view from the hill above the city shows a patchwork

Travelling the Trans-Siberian

· Euronews · Moscow-Vladivostok (Russia)

From Moscow to the eastern borders of China, the world’s longest railway line – the Trans-Siberian, stretches for more than 9,000 kilometres; a truly great railway journey – in this edition of Russian Life. At midnight every other day, a

Fishing on the Volga

· Euronews · Astrakhan region, Russia

This week, Russian Life takes you to the Volga Delta near Astrakhan, where Europe’s largest river flows into the Caspian Sea. This unique environment makes the region a fisherman’s dream. Far from the city bustle, the Astrakhan nature reserve is

A rocky journey

· Euronews · Krasnodar Krai, Russia

This week, Russian Life takes us to the mountains on the shores of the Black Sea, at the foothills of the Caucasus, one of Russia’s most picturesque regions, which draws adventurers from all over the country. Krasnodar is a region

Behind the curtain at the Mariinski Theatre

· Euronews · Saint Petersburg, Russia

In this series, we will be discovering the most amazing places in the largest country on Earth, where life sometimes resembles a theatre – and a theatre can tell a lot about Russian Life. At St Petersburg’s Mariinski Theatre, there

Moscow along the river

· Euronews · Moscow, Russia

In the final episode of our journey around Russia, euronews takes a trip through the capital along the Moskva river. Moscow was named after the river in the 12th century, and today a short boat trip along it can still

Moscow at the speed of metro

· Euronews · Moscow, Russia

In the penultimate episode of Russian life, euronews explores the capital Moscow. We began with the city’s famous underground. Carrying over 7 million passengers a day, the metro is Moscow’s vital transport artery, and the best way to avoid the

Kaliningrad, the Amber City

· Euronews · Kaliningrad and Yantarny, Russia

For this edition of Russian Life, euronews travels to the Kaliningrad exclave. Isolated from the rest of the country, it is the smallest, youngest and greenest of Russia’s territories. Its convenient location and nice weather make the bicycle a popular