Tatarstan: a confluence of culture and religion

· Euronews · Sviyazhsk and Bolgar (Tatarstan, Russia)

On the banks of the Volga river, in the very heart of Russia, the republic of Tatarstan has reunited two religions in its history. Throughout the ages, explorations and wars along the Volga (Russia’s largest river) have shaped the destinies

The Nature of Altai

· Euronews · Belokurikha, Solonovka and Katun, Altayskiy Kray (Russia)

In the south of Siberia, where Russia comes together with Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China, lie pristine lands where people try to live in harmony with nature. In this issue of “Russian Life” we travel to Altai. The landscape is striking.

Kamchatka, a freerider’s paradise

· Euronews · Kamchatka peninsula (Russia)

The volcanoes and geysers of Russia’s Far East are the ultimate attraction for extreme sports aficionados. In this issue of ‘Russian Life’ we discover the land of fire and ice – the Kamchatka peninsula. The immense peninsula between the Okhotsk

The return of the Cossacks

· Euronews · Pyatigorsk, Essentuki and Stavropol (Russia)

In the new season of Russian Life, we look at the most amazing aspects of the world’s largest country. We begin our journey in the south of European Russia, where today – as in the past – Russian Cossacks live.

Kazantip: the party land

· Euronews · The Crimea (Ukraine)

Some call this place the Ibiza of Eastern Europe, a Ukrainian “Burning Man”! Others say there’s nothing quite like it elsewhere in the world! This is the land of party – the Republic of Kazantip! The Crimean peninsula is one

Voyage on the Volga

· Euronews · Uglich, Yaroslavl (Russia)

The Volga is Europe’s longest river. It is even longer than the road from Moscow to Madrid. And in Russia, for centuries it has been known as Mother Volga. It is popular for summer holidays and attracts tourists from all

Spirits of Baikal

· Euronews · Ulan-Ude, Baikal (Russia)

In South-Eastern Siberia there is an amazing wonder of nature – Lake Baikal. It is so vast and deep that locals call it the sea. But its water is pure and fresh: a fifth of the Earth’s freshwater is contained

The Urals: between Europe and Asia

· Euronews · Abzakovo, Arkaim (Russia)

The Ural mountains are a natural boundary between Russia’s European and Asian parts. It’s spring but the local climate allows skiing until early May, as we shall see in this issue of ‘Russian Life’. Russia’s biggest ski resort is spread

Solovetski islands: sanctity and sacrifice

· Euronews · Solovetsky (Russia)

Russia is a land of riddles wrapped in mysteries. Everywhere from its North to South, East to West. Join us in exploring the largest country on Earth in our new series ‘Russian Life’. We begin our journey near the Arctic