European researchers tackle cancer with Biobanks

· Euronews · Graz (Austria)

People living in developed countries have a higher chance of being diagnosed with colon cancer. Over 1 million new cases of the disease are found – which is often difficult to treat – every year. But now Biobanks across Europe

Sustainable fisheries

· Euronews · Gothenburg (Sweden), Guilvinec and Lorient (France)

If you had a better seafood selection than usual this festive season it’s partly thanks to growing catches in Sweden and across Northern Europe. Small trawlers that used to harvest 20 tons of prawns and langoustines each year now catch

Digital technology goes back to school

· Euronews · Seville (Spain), Warsaw (Poland)

Many schools in Europe are embracing digital technology as a way to improve the learning experience in the classroom. Itaka school in the Spanish city of Seville is no different. Most of the students at the school now rely on

Transkribus system makes breakthrough in understanding medieval texts

· Euronews · Innsbruck, Austria

How do you find a text in ancient manuscripts, and do it fast? Until recently, computers weren’t very good in reading handwritten scripts — but now artificial intelligence has produced a breakthrough. The Tyrolean State Archive in Innsbruck stores countless

The wings of the future

· Euronews · Pisa, Italy and Delft, The Netherlands

Aviation is facing a range of challenges, from economical to environmental. Can we tackle them by reshaping an aircraft’s wings? “Futuris” flies to Italy, where engineers are testing a model of an aircraft of the future. It is a rather

Scientists try seawater to save Europe’s rice from rapacious invasive snail

· Euronews · Barcelona and Ebro Delta, Spain

Slowly but surely, a creeping threat is destroying Spanish rice paddies. Global losses from the Apple snail are estimated at tens of billions of euros per year. Futuris takes a look at how scientists are tackling this problem in a

Virtual reality brings sunken civilisations to life

· Euronews · Bacoli, Italy

The sunken ruins of ancient cities, the monuments of lost civilisations, may reappear before our eyes thanks to new technologies of augmented reality. Euronews’ Denis Loctier went to Italy for Futuris to investigate a remarkable new tool under development. Two

How technology is helping protect Europe’s heritage sites from climate change

· Euronews · Gubbio, Venice, Florence (Italy), Heraklion (Greece)

Old town quarters, such as in Gubbio, Italy, are a matter of local pride and an irresistible tourist attraction. But are we at risk of losing our historic heritage to climate change? The 14th century Palazzo dei Consoli is one

Underwater robot-explorer

· Euronews · Kuortane (Finland), Porto (Portugal)

There are thousands of flooded mines in Europe. Many of them may still have industrial value, but it is difficult to know which ones. A robot that looks like something straight out of science fiction may soon be able to

An alternative to chemically de-icing planes

· Euronews · Warsaw (Poland), Taufkirchen (Germany)

If you fly in winter, you know just how annoying it can be when your take-off is delayed for obligatory de-icing. “The wait is justified,” insists ‘Futuris’ reporter Denis Loctier. “But can’t we find a better solution?” The problem is