Azerbaijan aims for hi-tech state

· Euronews · Baku (Azerbaijan)

Azerbaijan is better known for its offshore oil than for its high-tech achievements. The country’s desire to change all that though was highlighted this week at the Caucuses’ largest high-tech exhibition in Baku. Azerbaijan remains a state with a predominantly

Hydrogen fuel

· Euronews · Grenoble, France

Hydrogen is the most abundant gas in the Universe, and hydrogen-powered cars only emit water vapor. In principle, therefore, hydrogen could be a cheaper and cleaner fuel for our cars. But hydrogen remains too dangerous in its liquid form to

Bacteria’s secret

· Euronews · Grenoble (France)

The “world’s toughest bacterium” seems to have superpowers that can survive even the deadly gamma radiation that comes from a nuclear explosion. An international group of scientists has published the results of a long study of a soil microorganism that

Serious games

· Euronews · Valence, Annecy (France)

Computer games are beginning to break out from their console and entertainment world, and finding more constructive applications in the worlds of business and education. This special edition of HiTech looks at a very French revolution. Emmanuel Exbrayat, PDG Donuts: