Mind games

· Euronews · Schiedlberg, Austria

“We have developed so called brain-computer interfaces which allow the user to control different devices and programmes without hands, by means of the user’s thoughts.” That is how Christoph Hintermüller of the Project Management and Research team at g.tec Guger

Shocking olives

· Euronews · Malagon, Spain

There is a electrifying new way to squeeze more from an ancient resource – olives. “We have improved the olive oil extraction process by using a technology based on a pulsed electric field,” explained Arturo Portugal, a research engineer at

Smart irrigation bears fruit

· Euronews · Cartagena (Spain)

A new irrigation system – Waterbee – is set to reduce costs and save water. John O’Flaherty, the project coordinator for Waterbee, explained: “We’ve developed a smart irrigation system that will save 40 percent of water in irrigation. And we

Asbestos recycling

· Euronews · Wroclaw, Poland

Ryszard Parosa, Supervising Board President at ATON-HT SA explained: “We have developed a new technology for the treatment of materials that contain asbestos.” The company’s method sounds surprisingly simple; just zap the asbestos in a compact microwave at a 1,000

Titanium leather

· Euronews · Elda, Silla (Spain)

This tannery in Silla, Spain, has made its leather production greener and safer with a new technology developed as part of an EU-funded research project. Managing Director at INCUSA, Silvino Navarro said: “There are many advantages of the titanium-based process;

New intelligent beds for EU hospitals

· Euronews · Madrid (Spain)

After two years’ work on an EU-funded project, a Spanish-based company has come up with a new prototype of a bed that could make life more comfortable for both patients and nurses. “We have developed a medical bed that helps

Plasma-cleaned eggs

· Euronews · Barcelona (Spain)

Our growing consumption of eggs and egg-products raises the question of how to kill the dangerous bacteria found on the shells. A new machine developed as part of the EU-backed Eggsterilisation project solves the question in a most spectacular manner.

Improved solar panels

· Euronews · Alzenau (Germany)

A European consortium of companies and research groups has boosted the efficiency of silicon solar cells, proven the sustainability of solar electricity and defined clear ways to low cost. Within the framework of CrystalClear, a large European project on the

Greener plastic

· Euronews · Munich (Germany)

“We have developed a new bioplastic based on whey protein, used for making recyclable food packaging,” says Elodie Bugnicourt of Barcelona-based research institute IRIS. This new plastic is made using whey protein, which means it is biodegradable. “Whey is a