EGNOS: Navigation and security

· Euronews · Billund, Denmark; Zurich, Switzerland; Paris, France

At the Danish Air Ambulance base in Billund, satellite navigation is a true lifesaver in the sky. The air ambulance service, operated by the Norwegian Air Ambulance in Denmark, is among the first to use a new European satellite system,

Echoes from the Big Bang

· Euronews · Noordweijk, The Netherlands; Pisa, Italy; Darmstadt, Germany

Scientists are getting closer than ever to understanding the origins of the Universe. For the first time, they have glimpsed behind the veil that covers the ‘Big Bang’ with the announcement that the Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarisation –

How to put on a space suit

· Euronews

Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Euronews producers – Denis Loctier shares his impressions as he tries on a real spacewalk suit. Filmed in the test chambers of the Russian R&D Production Enterprise Zvezda, the place where the Orlan suits used on

Spacewalk: giant leaps for mankind

· Euronews · Star City, Tomilino, Moscow, Russia; Stockholm, Sweden

In May this year, a serious leak of ammonium coolant caused an emergency on the International Space Station. There was only one way to fix the problem: to go out into the vacuum on a spacewalk. In July, ESA astronaut

Earth’s invisible shield

· Euronews · Noordwijk, The Netherlands; Copenhagen, Brorfelde, Denmark

Life on Earth as we know it wouldn’t be possible without the magnetic field protecting our planet. But research shows it is weakening fast. In the coming centuries, Earth’s magnetic field is expected to go through unprecedented changes. And we

Private Space

· Euronews · Paris, France; London, UK; Washington DC, State of Colorado, State of New Mexico, USA

With private companies launching their own spaceships and designing their own orbital stations, it’s the dawn of commercial spacefaring. We talk to people involved in that development and we explore the world’s first commercial spaceport. That’s this week – in

Mars-500: A round trip to Mars

· Euronews · Moscow (Russia)

After 520 days of total isolation in a mock spaceship, the Mars 500 crew were reunited with their loved ones in the outside world. In this edition of Space we have the men’s first accounts and exclusive images of their

Yuri Gagarin. First man in Space

· Euronews · Klushino, Gagarin, Korolev, Moscow (Russia)

12 April 1961, for the first time in human history, a man left the Earth and travelled in space. Who was Yuri Gagarin, how did that flight change his life and humanity? Find out in this special issue of Space.

Satellite internet: net on a dish

· Euronews · Brecon (UK), Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium)

High speed internet has become a necessity, no matter where you are – be it away from large cities… or in a train. You can always stay online if your information superhighway goes through Space. Satellite Internet – a universal

Mars-500: The ultimate challenge

· Euronews · Moscow (Russia)

A manned space flight to Mars would mean the crew being isolated from Earth for an unprecedented 18 months. To understand the true nature of this challenge, a team of international volunteers are being sealed into this research module for