Would-be ninjas nurture their inner warrior in Akame, Japan

Japanese Adventures 1: Ninja

Our Japanese Adventures begin on the Honshu island where the pristine forest in Iga Province is known as the birthplace of ninja.

Ninja is the stuff of legends and many action films. Now, anybody can let out their inner ninja in Akame, the land of waterfalls.

Japanese Adventures 1: Ninja

Stealthy infiltration and dashing escape used to be top secret knowledge. Now techniques like wall climbing or silent walking can be tried with a coach. It’s not simply a physical exercise, but also a chance to learn more of ninja’s true history.

Japanese Adventures 1: Ninja

Akame is the place where the mountain priests of Shugendo religion were conducting their spiritual training around 14-15th centuries.

The skills honed by Shugendo priests became essential for the covert agents in feudal Japan – and, nowadays, a revived passion of ninja fans around the world.

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