Exploring Japan’s hot springs

Beppu, the Japanese spa resort on the island of Kyushu, is famous for its onsen — natural hot springs.

Japanese Adventures: Beppu hot springsDenis Loctier, Euronews: “In Japan, underground heat turns into a rather heavenly experience for many tourists visiting the hot spring town of Beppu.”

Some of Beppu’s spectacular hot springs are open for viewing only, while others provide an unmatched range of bathing experiences. In the local microclimate warm enough for tropical plants and even crocodiles, onsen offer a relaxing and healthful repose.

Keiichirou Kawaguchi, Onsen expert: “Beppu has the highest number and the richest variety of hot springs. There’s no other place like it. That’s the reason Beppu is considered world’s number one.”

From hot water and steam to mud and sand baths, Beppu has more than 2000 onsen — a warm welcome all year round.

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