Clearing mines from the ancient site of Palmyra with restoration work ongoing

· Euronews · Palmira, Syria

“Palmyra was under control of the co-called Islamic State for almost a year. During that time, its architectural heritage was partially destroyed. The iconic Bel Temple and the Temple of Baalshamin, built more than 2000 years ago were left in

Heirs of the Great Steppe

· Euronews · Astana, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is celebrating its ancient roots with around 100 events across the country marking the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh khanate. Founded by Genghis Khan’s descendants in the 15th century, the Khanate was the first separate state of the Kazakhs

Robot divers

· Euronews · Rummu, Tallinn, Estonia

Underwater archaeology is an exciting, but sometimes risky field of studies. To eliminate those risks a European research project, ARROWS, is working to develop robots that help humans in dangerous environments. A now flooded Soviet-era quarry in Rummu, Estonia is

Derbent: the heritage of ages

· Euronews · Derbent, Dagestan, Russia

 Derbent, the oldest and southernmost city on Russia’s territory, is officially marking its 2,000th anniversary — an opportunity for the residents of Dagestan to celebrate the rich cultural and historical heritage of a Republic often associated with social problems and

Traveller’s diary: Batumi

· Euronews · Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is Georgia’s party capital, and the main reason people come here from across the region is its spirit of freedom and fun. Georgian laws are more open-minded when it comes to drinking and casinos than those in neighbouring Turkey,

Traveler’s diary: Kakheti

· Euronews · Kakheti, Georgia

“Every village man must have a vineyard. First come your vines, then your family”,- says Davit, who lives with his extended family in a stone cottage in Sighnaghi, a walled craftsmen’s town in Georgia’s eastern region of Kakheti. Beautifully restored

Cradle of wine

· Euronews · Kakheti, Georgia

Kakheti is Georgia’s main wine-producing region in the country’s east. Wine grapes have been cultivated in these lands for 8,000 years, which, archaeologists say, makes Kakheti the cradle of wine. A total of 104 endemic varieties of grapes grow at

Traveler’s diary: Tbilisi

· Euronews · Tbilisi, Georgia

It’s generally acknowledged that in Tbilisi old meets new, and the East meets the West. However, once you come to visit, you’ll probably find out that there’s much more “new” around than you might have imagined, and you can have

Tbilisi, a city of warm welcome

· Euronews · Tbilisi, Georgia

In the first of our series exploring the sights and delights of Georgia, Georgian Life, we begin our journey in the country’s largest city and its capital Tbilisi. The stunning view from the hill above the city shows a patchwork

Sense of beauty

· Euronews · Rome and Vicenza, Italy

At Rome’s National Gallery of Ancient Art crate up “Narcissus”, a masterpiece by Caravaggio, in preparation for a long journey. Like many fine art works, this late 16th century painting is being loaned to a temporary exhibition in another museum.A