Sustainable fisheries

· Euronews · Gothenburg (Sweden), Guilvinec and Lorient (France)

If you had a better seafood selection than usual this festive season it’s partly thanks to growing catches in Sweden and across Northern Europe. Small trawlers that used to harvest 20 tons of prawns and langoustines each year now catch

Electric cars feature strongly at Paris Motor Show

· Euronews · Paris, France

Electric models of leading car brands take the spotlight at the Paris Motor Show this year. Euronews science and technology correspondent Denis Loctier reports from the world’s busiest automotive event. Denis Loctier, Euronews says, “Some of the most significant innovations

An alternative to chemically de-icing planes

· Euronews · Warsaw (Poland), Taufkirchen (Germany)

If you fly in winter, you know just how annoying it can be when your take-off is delayed for obligatory de-icing. “The wait is justified,” insists ‘Futuris’ reporter Denis Loctier. “But can’t we find a better solution?” The problem is

Airplanes and material gains

· Euronews · Braunschweig, Germany; Porto, Portugal

When you board an airplane for a flight, do you ever consider what it is made of? The materials in these machines are lightweight and durable, but not always environmentally friendly. Let’s try to figure out whether that can be

Tackling microplastic pollution in Europe’s rivers

· Euronews · Sambuca, Italy

How much plastic ends up in our rivers? And what are the effects on our health and the environment? A group of Italian citizens and scientists have come together to try to answer these questions. Several times a year, the

Sensors that make sense: from farming to water control

· Euronews · Cowdenbeath, UK; Almería, Spain; Southampton, UK; Aarhus, Denmark

Dairy farming has been a family affair at Parkend Farm in Scotland for three generations. But keeping an eye on the cows has never been easier. On his smartphone, Brian Weatherup receives automatic emails from the farm’s computer system, that

Making green energy cheaper

· Euronews · Ben Guerir, Morocco

Sunny Morocco seems like the ideal place to produce solar power. Just north of Marrakech lies the Green Energy Park, where researchers are working on making green energy technology more affordable, as part of Morocco’s drive to reduce energy dependency.

How global warming is changing when Europe’s rain arrives

· Euronews · Nicosia, Cyprus; Mülheim, Germany

Along with the rest of the planet, Europe is bracing for the impacts of climate change. Some areas are facing a range of risks, ranging from droughts to floods, but how well do we understand what to expect and how

Cargo vessels: a cleaner alternative to lorries

· Euronews · Giurgiu, Romania

Cargo vessels are considered a relatively green mode of transport. Compared to lorries, they produce fewer emissions. But road transport is modernising fast and vessels have to keep up to remain competitive. Here in Romania, a river navigation company that

Clear advantage

· Euronews · Carrión de los Céspedes (Spain), Aarhus (Denmark)

Harnessing bacteria that produce electricity and break down organic waste, a European research project is developing a new, environmentally friendly way to purify sewage water in small communities. It may look like a park, but an experimental plant in Carrión