Treasure from waste

· Euronews · Agios Nikolaos, Athens (Greece)

Greek scientists have developed a technology that allows them to obtain rare earth elements (REEs) from waste ore in an economical and environmentally friendly way. For every ton of alumina, the Aluminium of Greece plant in Agios Nikolaos – near

Footprint in the sky

· Euronews · Bergamo, Italy and Brussels, Belgium

Planes and airports produce roughly two percent of global greenhouse emissions. An even bigger environmental issue is engine noise at take-offs and landings. Even though individual airplanes are 75% quieter today than they used to be few decades ago, people

Ship safety: a perfect storm

· Euronews · Pula, Croatia; Madrid, Spain

Today, the shipping industry finds itself in a sea of change. New international standards require vessels to reduce air pollution, meaning fewer emissions. It’s a challenge for builders as altering a ship’s power can sacrifice safety. How can the industry

Sea mining: deep uncertainty

· Euronews · Atlantic Ocean

Scientists fear that even before one of the last frontiers of exploration, the ocean deep, has been properly studied it will already have been exploited by commercial deep-sea mining looking for rare metal and minerals on the ocean floor, leaving

Deep changes

· Euronews · The Baltic Sea

Water covers most of our planet, but we still lack knowledge of the deep changes that are going on in our seas and oceans. In this episode of Futuris, we join a scientific expedition trying to better understand the marine

Eco-friendly plastics

· Euronews · Saragossa, Spain

Alternative energy sources are gradually replacing fossil fuels, but can oil be replaced in the production of the plastics we all use in our daily lives? Innovative technologies are replacing oil with vegetable components to make plastics with fascinating properties.

Higher power

· Euronews · Lisbon, Portugal

Futuris producer Denis Loctier looks at the development of a flying machine that produces clean energy. Old flying machines gobble up fuel and pollute the atmosphere. But could we construct an airborne device that would itself produce green energy? At

The big bag theory

· Euronews · Sant Carles de la Rapita, Spain

Futuris producer Denis Loctier introduces us to an innovative and inexpensive method of transporting fresh water to areas of drought or disaster, such as earthquakes: “Fresh water is abundant in some areas of our planet, and scarce in others. Of

Climate alternatives

· Euronews · Reykjavik, Iceland; Porto, Portugal; Bedford, UK

How can we recycle CO2, harness wind in urban areas and fly with the help of helium? Discover three European projects who are tackling climate change head-on. Bury the emissions euronews: Global climate change is one of humanity’s biggest problems,

Cheap test for safer water

· Euronews · Bari and Ispra, Italy

With water shortages a growing problem around the world recycling waste water has become increasingly important. European researchers have come up with a cheap and efficient tool to control the safety standards of waste water in a development that should