Subtropical skiing in Georgia’s Adjara

· Euronews · Goderdzi, Georgia

Our adventures continue in Georgia’s Autonomous Republic of Adjara, at the foot of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, north of Turkey. “Snow-covered peaks — in the subtropics!” enthused our reporter Denis Loctier, as he skied down a slope. “The sea shore

Pedal power in Batumi

· Euronews · Batumi, Georgia

In this episode of Georgian adventures, we jump on one of the hire bikes in Batumi, the booming capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. “Batumi is one of Georgia’s largest cities and its best known Black Sea resort,” said

Canyon and waterfall

· Euronews · Okatse, Georgia

Georgian adventures continue at the Okatse Canyon near the village of Gordi in the country’s west. “This area close to Kutaisi is famous for its deep canyons, forest lakes and other fascinating natural attractions,” said Euronews reporter Denis Loctier, trying

Mtirala: nature at its purest

· Euronews · Mtirala, Georgia

It is pure, unblemished nature… Yet the Mtirala National Park can be found just 40 kilometres from Batumi, the capital city of Georgia’s autonomous republic of Adjara. “We’re lucky to have the sunshine: this Adjarian national park, Mtirala, is considered

The sky’s the limit in Batumi

· Euronews · Batumi, Georgia

In our Adventures series, we are exploring Batumi, one of Georgia’s largest cities and its most popular Black Sea resort. “This cable car, Argo, is taking us to the top of Anuria mountain,” explained our intrepid reporter Denis Loctier. “it

Skiing in Gudauri

· Euronews · Gudauri, Georgia

In our Georgian adventures, the sky is the limit as we discover the country’s most popular destination for ski holidays! “The Greater Caucasus is Europe’s highest mountain range and this is where we find Georgia’s best known ski resort –

Trailer: Georgian Adventures

· Euronews · Georgia

The Republic of Georgia is where adventures never end! From the seaside to the mountaintop — We explore Georgia’s pristine landscapes… …and discover its upbeat resorts. Join us in Georgian Adventures, this month on Euronews and

Trailer: Adventures in Batumi

· Euronews · Georgia

Adjara, Georgia’s subtropical seaside! In our new series, we cross Adjara from its booming Black Sea capital, Batumi… …to its fascinating forest trails… …and snowcapped peaks. Follow our Adjarian Adventures, this month on Euronews and

Traveller’s diary: Batumi

· Euronews · Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is Georgia’s party capital, and the main reason people come here from across the region is its spirit of freedom and fun. Georgian laws are more open-minded when it comes to drinking and casinos than those in neighbouring Turkey,

Batumi: The party capital

· Euronews · Batumi, Georgia

A jewel on the Black Sea, the Georgian resort of Batumi is also known as the party capital of the region. The main city of Adjara, an autonomous republic in southwest Georgia, Batumi is the place young people come looking