Underwater robot-explorer

· Euronews · Kuortane (Finland), Porto (Portugal)

There are thousands of flooded mines in Europe. Many of them may still have industrial value, but it is difficult to know which ones. A robot that looks like something straight out of science fiction may soon be able to

New technology juices up the food industry

· Euronews · Cahir (Ireland), Zaragoza (Spain)

Pulsed electric field technology could revolutionise the way we process food – saving time, resources and nutrients. If you like your fruit juice fresh, your olive oil extra virgin and your cider aromatic, there’s good news: an electrifying new technology

New drone technology wins Innovation Radar Prize 2017

· Euronews · Seville, Spain; Budapest, Hungary

A new drone is making a buzz across Europe: its technology means that risky industrial inspections can become safer and more cost-effective. What makes this particular drone the first of its kind is its sensitive telescopic arm. Designed by the

Green gold in our sea water

· Euronews · Wageningen, The Netherlands; Cádiz, Spain; Olhão, Portugal

Microscopic green algae may be the scourge of swimming pools, but scientists and businesses have started cultivating them on a large scale to explore how they could in fact improve our lives in a sustainable way. Microalgae contain a variety

Treasure from waste

· Euronews · Agios Nikolaos, Athens (Greece)

Greek scientists have developed a technology that allows them to obtain rare earth elements (REEs) from waste ore in an economical and environmentally friendly way. For every ton of alumina, the Aluminium of Greece plant in Agios Nikolaos – near

Sea mining: deep uncertainty

· Euronews · Atlantic Ocean

Scientists fear that even before one of the last frontiers of exploration, the ocean deep, has been properly studied it will already have been exploited by commercial deep-sea mining looking for rare metal and minerals on the ocean floor, leaving

The fourth state of matter

· Euronews · Braunschweig, Germany; Mol, Belgium

Most of the matter around us is either solid, liquid, or gas. But there is something often called the fourth state – plasma – that has remarkable properties. Could we use it to fight diseases? We investigate in this edition

Eco-friendly plastics

· Euronews · Saragossa, Spain

Alternative energy sources are gradually replacing fossil fuels, but can oil be replaced in the production of the plastics we all use in our daily lives? Innovative technologies are replacing oil with vegetable components to make plastics with fascinating properties.

Say cheese: the whey forward in renewable plastics

· Euronews · Pisa, Italy; Mimizan, France

Whey from cheese production and other agricultural waste can be a valuable raw material for new biodegradable plastic. A European research project is working on using these by-products in laminated cardboard for food packaging. Futuris visited a plant where the research

Chemically clean

· Euronews · Terneuzen (Netherlands), Antwerp and Mol (Belgium)

This edition of Futuris explores how new technologies can help recycle the water used in chemical plants to make these more environmentally friendly. Producing chemicals and plastics indeed requires a lot of fresh water to cool down industrial processes, and