Latakia airbase: the hub of Russia’s Syrian bombing campaign

· Euronews · Latakia, Syria

Since the end of September Russia has carried out daily strikes against targets in Syria that it considers to be terrorists. Euronews correspondant Denis Loctier is embedded with the Russian air force in Latakia: “Euronews got access onto the Russian

Derbent: the heritage of ages

· Euronews · Derbent, Dagestan, Russia

 Derbent, the oldest and southernmost city on Russia’s territory, is officially marking its 2,000th anniversary — an opportunity for the residents of Dagestan to celebrate the rich cultural and historical heritage of a Republic often associated with social problems and

St. Petersburg: Art of life

· Euronews · St. Petersburg, Russia

Varya Kozhevnikova is a blogger and photographer from Saint Petersburg. She first came to the city as a tourist but liked it so much that she moved there permanently. She thinks that her friend Mikhail Pavlovski is one of the

BAM: a Soviet dream back on track

· Euronews · Neryungri, Berkakit, Tynda, Russia

It was billed as ‘the project of the century’ in Soviet Russia. The Baikal-Amur mainline made history 40 years ago when an army of young communists built this railroad through the east Siberian permafrost. It was meant to be paid

Russia hopes Winter Olympics will put Sochi firmly on the map

· Euronews · Sochi, Russia

As thousands of tourists come to Sochi from around the world, Russian organisers hope the city will benefit from being in the spotlight. Organisers say that almost a third of tickets to the Olympic events were bought by non-Russians. It’s

Sochi Winter Olympics: “There is a festive atmosphere everywhere”

· Euronews · Sochi, Russia

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are now officially open. Over the next 16 days, around 3,000 athletes will be competing for 98 medals. It is the most expensive Olympic Games in history, with the total cost expected to be more than 37

Memories and hopes at Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony at Sochi

· Euronews · Sochi, Russia

Euronews correspondent Denis Loctier who is at the Winter Olympics says the people of Sochi have been eagerly anticipating the opening ceremony. Not everyone was able to get a seat inside. The last tickets were sold for the equivalent of

Ban Ki-moon condemns homophobia; Sochi organisers say ‘talk sport, not politics’

· Euronews · Sochi, Russia

He was happy to join in the festive spirit for the Games by running along dressed in a colourful tracksuit at an Olympic parade in Sochi. But the UN Secretary General was totally serious with some forthright comments condemning homophobia.

Russia’s Lavrov dismisses Olympic boycott as ‘nonsense’

· Euronews · Sochi, Russia

The Olympic torch has been taking a tour around Sochi ahead of the Winter Games official opening on Friday. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was among several famous faces who donned a tracksuit to run as a torchbearer. He spoke

Buryatia: Living heritage

· Euronews · Republic of Buryatia, Russia

One of Russia’s most interesting republics is in South-Eastern Siberia on the Mongolian border – Buryatia: a rich variety of cultures and traditions are intertwined in its history. In the past, every Buryat household had camels. They disappeared from homes