Clearing mines from the ancient site of Palmyra with restoration work ongoing

· Euronews · Palmira, Syria

“Palmyra was under control of the co-called Islamic State for almost a year. During that time, its architectural heritage was partially destroyed. The iconic Bel Temple and the Temple of Baalshamin, built more than 2000 years ago were left in

Euronews visits frontline village in Syria

· Euronews · Kaukab, Hama, Syria

The frontline between territory occupied by Syria’s Bashar al Assad and opposition forces has seen some of the most brutal, horrific fighting imaginable. Civilians have borne much of the burden, trapped in crossfire from often primitive and poorly-targeted weaponry. Euronews’

Work at the Russian airbase Hmeymim in Latakia to advance the truce in Syria

· Euronews · Latakia, Syria

The Russian airbase Hmeymim in Latakia is preparing to celebrate WWII Victory Day. Marking the anniversary comes after more than six months of air strikes in Syria which some claim helped tip the balance of the civil war in favour of the regime’s army. Since the

From Russia with love – a taste of home on the Syrian front

· Euronews · Latakia, Syria

From fighter jets to supersonic bombers, dozens of Russian warplanes are operating from their base near Latakia in Syria. Moscow has played down claims that it is preparing a ground offensive but the army base can be readied swiftly for

Internal refugee crisis in Syria

· Euronews · Latakia and Tartus, Syria

Although many people are fleeing Syria for the safety of Europe there are still thousands of internally displaced people inside the country. Euronews was one of a number of media organisations shown round a camp in Syria as part of

Euronews visits Syrian government stronghold after recent attack

· Euronews · Latakia, Syria

“Latakia mourns the victims of the shelling which killed and wounded dozens of citizens in the city centre. The authorities of this coastal province believe that the shelling is in retaliation for recent successes of the Syrian army,” said euronews’s

Latakia airbase: the hub of Russia’s Syrian bombing campaign

· Euronews · Latakia, Syria

Since the end of September Russia has carried out daily strikes against targets in Syria that it considers to be terrorists. Euronews correspondant Denis Loctier is embedded with the Russian air force in Latakia: “Euronews got access onto the Russian