In this edition of Macedonian Adventures, we travel to the Vodocha monastery.

Dating back to the first centuries of Christianity, the complex took its present shape in the Middle Ages. A cultural monument, it remains a functioning monastery where nuns still live. “An earthquake brought down the arches of this cathedral in 1931; half a century later they were restored with historical accuracy,” reported euronews’ Denis Loctier.

Father Grigorij, Priest, Vodocha and Veljusa monasteries, explained: “The restoration was done in the same authentic way in which the church was built, using only stones and horizontal bricks – in the Byzantium style typical for older churches.” Rising near eastern Macedonian city of Strumica, the Vodocha and Veljusa monasteries welcome pilgrims and all admirers of religious art and history.


Denis Loctier is a senior Euronews NBC science and nature correspondent, producer and presenter of the "Ocean" documentary series. Since 2001, he has produced short TV documentaries on more than 150 international research projects and covered a variety of other topics, from international politics and military conflicts to economy and tourism. He holds a double PhD degree in philology and information and communication sciences.

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