A journey of discovery and enlightenment: our Japanese Adventures continue on the island of Shikoku with its 88 temples welcoming pilgrims from around the world.

Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s four principle islands, is encircled with sacred places of Buddhism. For hundreds of years, this has been a world-famous pilgrimage destination.

On foot, the pilgrimage takes around 40 days. Our guide Hajime Onishi completed it 88 times. Like other pilgrims, he’s wearing special white apparel and carrying a staff. At each of the 88 temples, he lights a candle and incenses, leaves his name card, makes a donation and prays.

Hajime Onishi, Pilgrimage expert: “This is a tour around the temples that are directly related to spiritual works of Kōbō-Daishi, the founder of Shingon school of Buddhism.”

The Henro Sacred Pilgrimage takes worshippers and tourists from seaside to mountain tops, revealing the natural beauty and spiritual heritage of Shikoku.

Denis Loctier

Denis Loctier is a senior Euronews science and nature correspondent, producer and presenter of the "Ocean" documentary series, exploring themes such as pollution and marine life, the blue economy, sustainable fishing, aquaculture, climate change, ocean energy and more. Since 2001, he has produced short TV documentaries on more than 150 international research projects and covered a variety of other topics, from international politics and military conflicts to economy and tourism. Denis Loctier holds a double PhD degree in philology and information and communication sciences.

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