A European consortium of companies and research groups has boosted the efficiency of silicon solar cells, proven the sustainability of solar electricity and defined clear ways to low cost. Within the framework of CrystalClear, a large European project on the development of low-cost, highly efficient silicon solar modules, a consortium of companies and research groups has reached important milestones. Together with another European project, Topsicle, researchers increased the conversion efficiency of large-area multicrystalline silicon solar cells to a record value of 18%. In parallel, the consortium developed a process for manufacturing of extremely thin solar cells, allowing very efficient use of the high-purity silicon starting material.


Denis Loctier is a senior Euronews NBC science and nature correspondent, producer and presenter of the "Ocean" documentary series. Since 2001, he has produced short TV documentaries on more than 150 international research projects and covered a variety of other topics, from international politics and military conflicts to economy and tourism. He holds a double PhD degree in philology and information and communication sciences.

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