In this episode of Adventures, we hop on bikes in our continuing exploration of Japanese islands.

Denis Loctier, Euronews: “Did you know that in Japan, you can cross the sea on a bicycle? Small islands between Honshu and Shikoku are linked by a bike route — a great way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Seto Inland Sea.”

The 60-kilometre long Shimanami Kaido route is accessible for cyclists of all levels. The route is toll-free, and it’s rich with touristic attractions — from breathtaking views over the islands to treasure spots of Japanese history and culture.

Keizou Minami, Vice-chairman, Onomichi Cycling Association: “Above this emerald-green water, you feel like riding right through the sky – this is a very pleasant way of cycling!”

Each of the small islands has its cultural and gastronomic specialties, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences along the route that comes to its end at the original bike-themed hotel in Onomichi city.

Denis Loctier

Denis Loctier is a senior Euronews science and nature correspondent, producer and presenter of the "Ocean" documentary series, exploring themes such as pollution and marine life, the blue economy, sustainable fishing, aquaculture, climate change, ocean energy and more. Since 2001, he has produced short TV documentaries on more than 150 international research projects and covered a variety of other topics, from international politics and military conflicts to economy and tourism. Denis Loctier holds a double PhD degree in philology and information and communication sciences.

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