Denis Loctier, euronews: “No matter your mountain biking skills, the south Macedonian national park of Galičica welcomes sportspeople of all levels.”

More than a thousand off-road and dirt tracks make this landlocked country a great place to practice this all-terrain sport.

Galičica National Park covers a mountainside between two large lakes, features diverse types of territory and is home to various regional species of plants and animals.

Dean Ivanovski, mountain guide, Outdoor Adventures: “What brings mountain bikers here is the accessibility of the terrain, the scenic trails, the beautiful sights of Ohrid Lake, as well as all the wonderful landscapes – and the fresh air!”

The peaks of Galičica rise to more than 2000m above sea level, offering challenging ascents, high-speed downhills and magnificent views to those who make it to the top.


Denis Loctier is a senior Euronews NBC science and nature correspondent. Since 2001, he has produced TV documentaries on more than 150 international research projects and covered a variety of other topics, from international politics and military conflicts to economy and tourism. He holds a double PhD degree in philology and information and communication sciences.

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